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If you ever experience a vision problem involving the retina, you will want to come to see us at The Retina Group of Washington. At our vision practice, patients are able to receive many different types of Alexandria retina surgery to help preserve and restore their vision.

Our retina care practice has long been known as a leader in the treatment of all types of retinal diseases in both adults and children. We have over 25 experts on staff who all specialize in different areas of retinal care. Our doctors will often consult one another when they have a particular case, or a patient needs a rarer type of Alexandria retina surgery. When you are seeing one of our retina specialist, you are in effect being seen by all of our doctor’s. We have many offices in and around the Washington DC area. Our offices are associated with almost all nearby locations where retinal surgery is performed. Additionally, many eye treatments can be performed at our local offices. If you have a vision problem that shows a sudden increase in the number of floaters and sudden flashes of light, you may have a retinal tear which can lead to a retinal detachment. A retinal detachment is a situation that needs to be repaired surgically by our retina specialist. Depending on different aspects of your retinal problem, different types of surgical treatments may be recommended. One common treatment for retinal detachment is scleral buckle surgery, which will close breaks in the retina. This operation is usually performed as outpatient surgery, and does not require an overnight hospital stay. We also offer different types of innovative surgeries to treat specific vision problems. CentraSight treatment uses a tiny telescope which is implanted inside the eye and will improve vision for individuals affected by end-stage age-related macular degeneration. Whatever type of eye surgery you need, you can be sure that you cannot receive better treatment than you will at The Retina Group of Washington.

For an appointment to come to our vision practice for eye care and Alexandria retina surgery, contact us today.

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