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Retina specialist Falls Church

Retina specialist Falls Church

No matter where you go, that dreadful cloud follows everywhere, clouding vision, making it almost impossible to do much of anything. It makes surviving the day feel like a test of fortitude. Sounds like you might be dealing with macular degeneration. You might want to get that taken care of. Pronto. Swing by The Retina Group of Washington and meet with our retina specialist Falls Church.

Make it a priority to stop declining vision—in which case, it’s pivotal to act quickly. Seek out professional help. Ignoring these problems is practically guaranteeing to set yourself up for a world of complications. And why put yourself through all of that hassle when you could just see a retina specialist about treatment? Exactly. Don’t you worry, these specialists are known to treat conditions like macular degeneration, which affects roughly 10 million North Americans— the combined totals of both cataracts and glaucoma. Once you’re over the age of 45, you’re far more likely to develop this condition. Vision is then quietly, gradually affected since macular degeneration is known for its subterfuge. CentraSight is an innovative treatment program that involves a small, telescopic eye implant for folks struggling with end stage age-related macular degeneration. In a nutshell, this implant minimizes the impact of the vision loss. Of course, to be a candidate for this you must confirm: having irreversible end-stage AMD; have lost AMD drug treatment candidacy; haven’t received cataract surgery; and that your age, vision and cornea health meet the requirements. With that said, feel free to reach out to The Retina Group of Washington and speak with our retina specialist Falls Church.

Sound good? Our patients certainly think so. Now all you have to do is pick up the phone, punch a few numbers, and call The Retina Group of Washington. Talk to our amazingly friendly staff about scheduling an appointment with our retina specialist Falls Church.

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