Retina Tear Treatment Falls Church

Retina doctor in Falls Church

Retina tear treatment Falls Church

Retina tear treatment Falls Church

Retinal tears are serious. Your retina has come loose but is not fully detached. Nevertheless, you need immediate attention, and at The Retina Group of Washington, you’re getting it from a dedicated and experienced retina specialist, so be confident that you’re in the best and most trusted care you can get.

So, you know that you want to get prompt treatment for a retinal tear, but how do you know when your retina has become torn? Be on the lookout for the certain symptoms, any of which could be an indication that you need our retina tear treatment Falls Church. At minimum, these are all signs that there is something wrong with your eyes and so they demand that you act in a timely fashion. The most common indications associated with a tear are the presence of spots in your visual field, or floaters; blurry vision, and reduced peripheral vision (side-to-side). When you come in, our retina specialist will conduct a complete examination that includes advanced testing. The goal is to reach a conclusive diagnosis so that the necessary strategy can be identified and implemented. Our retina tear treatment Falls Church will be surgical in nature. It’s the only way to re-attach the retina. There are two basic methods that are used, either independently, or in conjunction with each other. Both are performed on an outpatient basis, and typically no hospital stay is required. Retinal tears are addressed differently from full detachments. It is crucial that you do not delay in coming in if you suspect a retinal tear. If not taken care of in a reasonable period, a detachment may follow.

We’re pleased to offer our retina tear treatment Falls Church, to reassure you that we will make every effort to restore your eye and your vision to normal again. Please call us to schedule your visit.

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